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National Flower of South Korea

The Rose of Sharon

R.O.S.H. is an acronym for Rose of Sharon Healing. Originally, I called this blog Rose of Sharon Herbs, but I soon found I wanted to write and explore beyond just herbs. I study about all kinds of healing: spiritual, physical, emotional. Within the physical, I’m keen to learn about natural ways to heal the body, herbs being one of the ways. In addition, I’m interested in healing for the nations. I love learning about other countries. I’m particularly interested in those countries which are struggling for democracy and to look after their own people. I’m especially concerned for children in countries where they are being exploited in all kinds of ways.

Since I was 5 years old, if I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I answered ‘I want to be a teacher’. In grade 3 I wrote my diary:

My Little Dairy (hehe)

Help mom in the morning

Help dad in the afternoon

Help everyone

That was my mantra: Help everyone. I remember having the neighbour kids over to help them with their homework. I so wanted to encourage them to get it done. They wanted to give up, but I made sure they didn’t. I had them trapped like rats and wouldn’t let them go until they had finished. I hoped they would feel more confidence after completing the task. I still enjoy the feeling of making a student do something they don’t want to do!

In 6th grade I read the book Go Ask Alice and another book about an inner city teacher and her experiences with children who were abused. These books fascinated me and it was an impressionable time of my development. I wanted to help children who struggled. I always said I wouldn’t have my own children since there were so many out there that didn’t have anyone to care for them already. This interest in children led me to the School of Child Care at the University of Victoria in Victoria, B.C. I didn’t go into education because I wanted to work with kids and their families who were having difficulty rather than being in a classroom all the time. At the end of my 4 years study at the School of Child Care we had a job fair. They asked where we saw ourselves working in the future. I chose International Child Care. Now here I am in Korea teaching children English. Before this I spent 12 years as a social worker in Penticton, B.C., part of the time as an adoption worker.

The Rose of Sharon is Korea’s National Flower, the Moo goong Hwa. Korea is a special country. The Korean people have overcome so much as a nation and fought through for their freedom. They continue to do so with half of their country still in bondage. They are leaders in healing national wounds. They now offer what they have to help other nations. I hope to write about Korea and how my life has been impacted by this country.

What you can expect to find here?

Stuff about:

  • health and natural healing.
  • Korea and our experiences here.
  • other nations who are struggling.
  • children who are being exploited.


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References for uses of the Rose of Sharon as an herb:


Rose of Sharon Acres – natural homemade body care products

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