Korea’s Top Five Vegetables

I have it from a very reliable source that these are the top five vegetables for Korea!

1. Cabbage / 양배추



We call this kind of cabbage ‘Chinese’ cabbage. It’s leaves are wrinkly and they are oblong shape rather than our round smooth cabbages.

2. Korean radish/무/Moo

Korean Radish

Korean Radish

They are bigger than our radishes and white in color.

3. Garlic/Maneul/만을




4. Red Chili Pepper/고추/GoChu

Red Chili-pepper

Red Chili-pepper

5. Green onions/Spring onions/양파

Green onions

Green onions

Put it all together and what do you get? KIMCHI

There are many types of kimchi, but the main type which is a staple in every home and meal is made just before winter. The cabbage is soaked in brine water first, then every layer of cabbage is smeared with red chili paste. Garlic, green onions and whatever else you want in it all goes into a Kimchi pot. It’s a big ceramic pot traditionally buried underground for the winter, and allowed to ferment. It gets a wonderful sour, hot, spicy flavor and it is one of the healthiest foods in the world. It contains many vitamins, but its biggest benefit is the good bacteria it contains after being fermented much the same as yogurt provides. It’s well worth your while to get acquainted with this delicious food.

Prior to the red chili pepper being introduced to the country, the cabbage was pickled without the spice. Although Japan may have introduced the chili pepper to Korea through its contact with outside traders, it didn’t become popular in Japan. Practically every dish in Korea includes the red chili now. A meal really hasn’t occurred until you’ve eaten kimchi and rice. In fact, in Korea they refer to rice as the meal. If you ask a kid what they had for a meal, they will probably answer ‘rice’. Everything revolves around rice and kimchi. They eat other things, but the idea of a meal centers on those two items.

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Check out these site for more about kimchi:




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