The Tragedy of North Korea



Nursery-school children are told by their teacher to revere their 'Great Leader'

Nursery-school children are told by their teacher to revere their ‘Great Leader’

Here we are in the 21st century and we still have a country on earth where there are no basic human rights-especially freedom! That country, if you can call it that, is North Korea.

I’m digressing on the herbs focus for this blog to focus on a place where they don’t even have enough daily nourishment to survive while ‘the dear leader’ gorges himself on every delicacy he can find in the world over. Many people in North Korea have to forage for food in any field they can. I live in South Korea and felt I should be writing about this issue, since I enjoy such a beautiful life here, it is a tragedy to know that the same people I live with everyday are also being held captive north of our border.

Yes, the Kim Jeong-Un regime is an evil empire ruled by fear. If they don’t worship him as their one true god, they could face torture or if lucky enough a quick death. He enjoys a privileged life while those under him are denied even the basic of human rights. But Kim says they have one of the best human rights policies in the world. I have one question: why are people trying to leave then? If they have such a great country why are people risking life and limb to escape Kim’s wonderful utopia?  And when they get across the border why does China send them back? They know those people will face torture and maybe death. It boggles the mind of any human being living in the free world.

How can they get away with it when we have governing bodies like the UN?  How can China get away with vetoing everything put forward to punish these governments? It gives China and Russia some kind of sick satisfaction, I guess, that somewhere on earth there’s a government out there keeping the masses under a jack boot.

Now the UN has put out a report on the DPRK and it is not going to lighten your mood. The UN panel accuses North Korea of crimes against humanity, such as, systematic extermination, murder, torture, starvation and more. This panel recommends that Kim and his government be charged with crimes against humanity. Of course, North Korea categorically denies these charges as lies. Wow, that’s a new one. I bet China will veto any attempt at making the DPRK accountable for their crimes. You can find the articles listed below.

On the up side, I found a young woman in Atlanta, Georgia who has taken it upon herself and other classmates to bring awareness of the North Korean’s plight and try to help them. I’m enclosing a link to her blog below describing the school presentation they do. It’s great to see these young people doing what they can to help. I’m proud of them for wanting to do this. Here’s the link to her blog about North Korea.

 Presentation at a School in our Area! – May 24, 2013.

References for the UN report:

31 thoughts on “The Tragedy of North Korea

  1. It is frightening to think of the atrocities happening to people in North Korea and other places in the world. I applaud you as well as the Atlanta student for bringing this issue forward and speaking up. It’s hard to know what to do to help.

    • Thanks for your comment Juliann. One of the things these young people are doing is looking for ways to help. That’s why I thought why not join with them and support their work. It’s not easy to talk about and it’s even harder to do something about it. I’m planning to do more posts on this.

  2. why can’t this lame NK regime be stopped? It is the most whacked society in the world. I don’t know how they can be rescued. Prayer is all I can think of to change things because I don’t see the UN doing anything about it.

    • I know, it boggles my mind. Yes, primarily prayer is needed. Ultimately God is in control of all things and it’s hard to understand why evil is allowed to continue. Someday all will be clear. In the meantime I’d like to find some ways to make my voice heard by the powers that be here on earth!

  3. Dear Rosh, Please know that i am deeply moved by your like of the comment I made, where I made mention of the death of my mother in the year 2000. It is still difficult to think about the
    last days of her life. My mother was blind, and had been so since 1963. She died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease; I saw her taking her last breath of life. My younger brother could not deal with the sight of her dying. He left and came back later, but she had already passed from this life, to one with Jesus. My brother was four years my junior, and died from a heart attack. He and my mother had a very special relationship. He never got married. Because my step-father was a merchant seaman, my brother took care of her until my step-father retired. At my brothers funeral service, there was a picture of him and my mother. They were looking at each other in a very strange way. He was about five years old in the picture. Oh, I am sorry to go on, and on, with this story. But, as you can imagine, the pain of death of a loved one does not leave those of us who have been left behind them. Again, thank you for your heart. I am now following your blog. I would consider it an honor for you to follow mine.
    Senior Pastor/Equipping The Saints
    Philip 3:10, “That I Might Know Him”

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I would love to follow your blog Equipping the Saints! I understand loss. My father died as a result of an accident. Very shocking and opposite to your experience with your mother. In an instant he was gone. I took great comfort in that I knew where he had gone and that I would see him again. What hope we have in the Lord! He is so good! I look forward to getting to know you better. I will go to the site addresses you’ve given me. Have a wonderfully blessed day!

      • I am very sorry about the loss of your father. Loss is the part of our lives that is permanent, as it relates to our life. Memories are important. We should cherish those who we love with a love that is undeniable. I trust that you will be loved by the people who are receiving your ministry; it is a vry difficult part of our world. I commend you for the way that you are fulfilling our Lord’s Great Commission. Blessings to you.
        Senior Pastor/Equipping The Saints
        Philip 3:10, “That I Might Know Him”

      • Yes, it’s great to have the memories, and you’re right the loss is always there. It is the hard fact of life on this earth. That’s what we inherited from our father Adam. Thank God for his great plan of salvation!

      • Thank you for sharing your faith in God. Please keep up your good work. I am in the SE coast of USA. I will keep you in prayer as you begin your night, if my clculations are correct. We are GMT + 4 at this time of year. Many blessings to you.

  4. Thank you for your like of my post, Considering God and Light. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you.

      • Thank you. It is now 10:08 PM, EDST, Monday evening, also 2008 military time, also 0008 GMT, Tuesday morning. I can’t remember your time reference, so I will just say again, “thank you.”

  5. Thank you for your like of my post on “The Day Of Preparation – The Lord’s Sabbath Day.” You are very kind.

  6. Thank you very much for your like of my post, “Left Behind.” That means a lot to me. You really bless me with your good thoughts toward the things that I write and post. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you.

  7. Your like of my post, “The Suffering Of Christ,” is very humbling. I really appreciate your kindness.

  8. May your word draw our hearts to God’s throne for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in high places. Pray for the jailers, the police, the government leaders to turn their hearts to Jesus. The best way to get rid of the enemy is to make him a friend! Thank you for visiting and liking my blog. I love your heart for the lost and hurting!

    • That’s right! The problem is spiritual for sure. Thank you for your encouragement and support. Prayer is the only answer to setting the captives…really free in their hearts. I’m happy to be in touch. Thanks for commenting:-)

  9. In Order to Live has made a lot of waves online. Yeonmi has risked her life to raise awareness in speaking the truth about the North and its Dear Leader. More and more refugees have been able to tell their story on the TED stage, too. Really unbelievable.

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