One solution to the Tragedy of North Korea

SHIFT NORTH KOREA is an organization focusing on the people of North Korea rather than the politics of North Korea. They are raising funds to assist people who are trying to escape.

4 thoughts on “One solution to the Tragedy of North Korea

  1. I can understand why the people want to leave, but they will never change their own country by leaving – it is actually no solution to the problem.

      • Countries in history have often needed to overpower their dictators and unfortunately it involves violence. My heart goes out to those people I see in the news after visiting with relatives in the North and then having to part again, but just walking out on your country doesn’t solve anything. They need the assistance of someone much smarter than I.

      • I guess it comes down to defining what the problem is. On an individual basis if someone gets to freedom then they will get some food and that would be one problem solved. If some can get free and support their family from the outside then the people left may feel empowered enough to stand up to the bully. There seems to be a hands off policy for North Korea in the international community. I guess because there’s two heavy hitters in their corner and no one wants to mess with them. Of course the situation is much more complicated than we can know, but if we can simplify it down to helping people get free I vote we go for it. Good night from the south. 🙂

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