Chemical Warfare – I’m going to torture myself again

I hope you’re not offended that I’ve used those loaded terms in this day and age, but maybe we can lighten things up with Pee Wee Herman. It’s spring again and I’m feeling a need to do some spring cleaning. I hope to do another detox. I feel like torturing myself again. I’ve done this a few times over my life and every time my husband says ‘Are you doing your chemical warfare again?’ AAhhyaya. I go through all the pain of getting off caffeine only to start drinking coffee again. I do feel so much better when I’m free of caffeine and sugar, but as I’ve said before I’m an addict. My husband can stop drinking coffee and he has no effects at all. I drink one less cup of my usual three cups and next day I’m having a migraine. They say if you respond to caffeine withdrawal like that you’re addicted. Whhaaa It’s just so easy for me to go overboard with substances of all sorts (and dare I say Tequila is one of those substances). We could get Sauza Tequila in Spain for such a reasonable price we couldn’t resist and once you get used to it (hehe and I made the mistake of getting used to it) it’s irresistible.  Anyway, tequila is too expensive in Korea so I’ve managed to wean myself off of that, but there’s still the coffee and plenty of sugar to be found. Is it worth it?

Sauza tequila

Sauza tequila

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