Intermission Stories (3)

A great firsthand description from a man who came to Pusan, Korea to fight in the war.

Pacific Paratrooper

Bill Campbell Bill Campbell


Bill Campbell, 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment

Bill Campbell was born in Glace Bay, N.S. on Breton Island, the son of a coal miner who passed away at 35 years of age, leaving his wife with 5 kids in the middle of the Great Depression.  Times were tough, but Mrs. Campbell raised them all on meager means.

In 1950, when the call went out for volunteers, the response was remarkable, as over 27,000 joined the Armed Forces of Canada to fight in a country they had never heard of.  Some would not return.  Bill joined up in Toronto and after training in Camp Petawawa, he was sent to Seattle to ship out for Japan and Korea.  “We left Seattle on a liberty ship…Most of the soldiers were really excited to travel to distant lands.  There were 2500 troops aboard, most of whom were…

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3 thoughts on “Intermission Stories (3)

  1. I thought you might enjoy this post; I sincerely hope your readers do as well! My father wrote quite a similar letter while he was in New Guinea.

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