A DIY life: Rose of Sharon / Hibiscus – Heres to your health

This is a great article on the Rose of Sharon. It’s actually of the Hibiscus family not the Rose family, and it has many healing qualities.

Natural Frugal: Raising 6 kids

A Rose by any other name might be a “Rose of Sharon

OK that’s just a play on words because a Rose of Sharon is really in the Hibiscus family & not the rose family. Because the Rose of Sharon is in the Hibiscus family itrose of sharon Collage also has the same healing benefits, nutritional benefits & health benefits as any other Hibiscus flower & plant. Rose of Sharon being the common name & Hibiscus syriacus being the scientific name.

So a Hibiscus by any other name might be a “Rose of Sharon”

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Do you have a Hibiscus or Rose of Sharon bush or 2 or 10 in your yard? Did you know these plants have great health benefits? And did you know they are easily preserved & prepared & have great uses fresh as well?

Rose of Sharon’s come in bright vibrant colors &…

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2 thoughts on “A DIY life: Rose of Sharon / Hibiscus – Heres to your health

  1. Rosh, I cannot begin to tell you how much your visits to my blog mean to me. You have been even so kind as to roam through my archives! I guess you have figured out from your reading that my blog is rather like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get! 😆

    I do hope you continue to visit and derive some sort of pleasure or thoughts to ponder. I will be back to visit you as often as possible. I am currently in the process of writing both a book and a couple of bible story related narrative poems. They take up most of my time.

    Our eldest son Joshua taught business English at a small tech college in Thailand for 18 months. It was among the favorite times of his life. He did his sophomore year in college at Nagasaki Wesleyan College as well.

    My husband, a now retired United Methodist pastor, and I keep North Korea in our daily prayers. It is a situation fraught with danger and tyranny that is hard to comprehend.

    Again, thanks for your visits, your own wonderful blog, your fine work, and with all my heart I wish you and your family the abundant blessings of enough. . .

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment Paula. Yes, I have been very entertained by the variety of topics,and thought provoking ideas you put forth. I also receive a lot of encouragement from your writing. I will definitely keep coming back to your site to read as time permits. I so enjoy getting to know people through sharing.
      We’d love to visit Thailand and often have thought about teaching there, but the Lord has seen fit to have us stay in Korea for the time being. We love Korea and it is our home even though we miss our family very much.
      Thank you for sharing about your husband and you praying for North Korea. I don’t pray enough for them. I so want to see freedom for those people.
      I so appreciate your blessing and your encouragement for my blog. I certainly don’t have it in me to write as you do, but I just ask God for inspiration as to what to do with the blog. I look forward to being in contact with you through this journey called life here on earth. God gives me everything I need. He is a good God. I pray all of His best for you and your husband and your sons too! Have a blessed week! 🙂

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