Body-Image, the Dreaded Mirror, and Self-Esteem, Part 1

Are there any women out there who don’t struggle with this?

Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror

For our Youth Group at a church where Ashley served when we were first married, we had a wonderful couple, Dick and Carole, who helped us lead the group and were extraordinary advisors and planners. One evening they gave each of the participants a quiz that consisted of the following: How much of each day are the following people or conditions responsible for how you feel about yourself, others, or your circumstances? a) – your parents and siblings; b) – your teachers; c) – your friends; d) – the weather; e) – the mirror; f) – the opinions of other people. I believe there were other conditions on the list, but they all were pretty much along the same line. This quiz was aimed at Sr. High Youth, ages 15 – 18. They were handed a piece of paper on which a chart with boxes was drawn out for each…

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