Escape from Camp 14 – Anderson Cooper’s interview



3 thoughts on “Escape from Camp 14 – Anderson Cooper’s interview

  1. Thank you so much for posting the Anderson Cooper interview, and the reading. The world needs to know, and I am going to re-post this blog on mine so that maybe a few more will read about it and listen to Shen;s horrifying tale.

    I continue to enjoy your comments and appreciate so much your reading my blog. I will be doing several posts during this most blessed of weeks, Holy Week – the Passion of Christ.. I do hope and pray that your Easter is a blessed one this year and the beginning of new life for all. And of course, I wish you enough. . .

    • Thanks very much Pauline for your comment, interest and reblog. This is an incredible story and I was happy to find the interview that Anderson Cooper did. It is simply unbelievable this sort of story is told in our day. I’m always shocked to hear of these stories because I find it hard to accept how evil people can be. But, without Jesus we are all capable of these behaviors, unfortunately, in this fallen world.
      Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice. I look forward to your posts. God bless you this Easter as you bless others. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I do hope that all of you, my Gentle Readers, will take the time to hear this extraordinary and horrifying story about this amazing youngt man who was born and raised in a North Koreaen Concentration Camp, and is the only one known to have escaped and lived to tell his story. I also urge you to read and follow Darcy Nord’s blog, “Rose of Sharon Healing.”

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