Some thoughts to ponder on freedom. We have all been given the freedom to choose the right way or the wrong way. The only person who can make the choice for ourselves is ourselves.

Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror

Freedom can be a sticky notion, let alone a word.  We all want it for ourselves and others we love, in particular.  We, as Americans, purport to want it for all the world, (although our reasons are not always altruistic, unfortunately.)  What exactly do I mean by the word, though? It can be a very confusing idea if you stand freedom off by itself, and don’t blend it liberally with self-control, and responsibility.  I remember hearing for the first time when I was in high school the axiom:  “The right (freedom) of a person to swing his/her arm ends where another person’s nose begins.”  So, am I really free?

I answer to myself, “Of course I am, because I have no desire to swing my arm into another person’s nose!”  But what about someone else?  If they do have such a desire, then are they more free than I?  The…

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