Rory McQuary The ESL Teacher

An Irishman in Korea. Rory Mcquary.

Limericks, Jokes, and other poems by Clancy O'Lafferty and Maurie

clancy olafferty

Rory McQuary The ESL Teacher

(bold text is the beat)

By Clancy O’Lafferty

Rory McQuary,

he went to Korea, he

Said, “Tis the South I’ll be choosin’

Kim Jumbo the third

He behaves like a turd

So me fine English skills he’ll be losin’”

Rory taught ESL and his students spoke well

They learned greetin’s like,

“Top o’ the mornin’

“Aye it tis I agree and no finer you’ll see

        On a bright Dublin summer’s day mornin’”

Rory said, “When in Rome”

So Pusan he made home

And he hung out with all the old timer’s

Drinkin’ soju in tents

Seven bottles a stint

They laughed tears at his satouri / Irish

After ten years of this he

Went home for some whiskey

In Flannigan’s Ale House in Dublin

When Dickie McDuff  recognized him at once

He came runnin’ to give him a huggin’


Tis yourself…

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