North Korea Escapee: Hyeon Seo Lee

Bio from TED:
Born in North Korea, Hyeonseo Lee left for China in 1997. Now living in South Korea, she has become an activist for fellow refugees.

Why you should listen

Hyeonseo Lee grew up in North Korea but escaped to China in 1997. In 2008, after more than 10 years there, she came to Seoul, South Korea, where she struggled to adjust to life in the bustling city. North Korean defectors often have a hard time in South Korea, she noted in the Wall Street Journal: “We defectors have to start from scratch. Prejudice against North Koreans and icy stares were other obstacles that were hard to cope with.”

Now a student at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, she has become an advocate for fellow refugees, even helping close relatives leave North Korea after they were targeted. Her dream? As she told the Korea Times, she’d like to work at the UN or an NGO that advocates for the human rights of North Koreans, including their right to be treated as political refugees.

5 thoughts on “North Korea Escapee: Hyeon Seo Lee

    • Yes, it’s those Korean genes. They are extremely determined to accomplish their mission. Probably her experience made her that much more courageous. Thanks for your comment Sue. Hope you’re having a good day. When’s your next adventure?

      • Next adventure…well there will be all kinds of mountain adventures now that the weather has turned to spring. I am traveling across the Canadian prairies next week, running a half marathon in June, a cycling trip to Italy in Sept and who know what else we might dream up đŸ™‚
        I had a great day in the sunshine and hope yours was good as well. Always a pleasure to chat with you!

      • So your itinerary is set for the summer and Italy in September. Sounds great. It’s been rainy and cool here. Weird weather. Glad to hear you got sun. Enjoy.

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