Digestive Health – All Disease Begins in the Gut

I highly recommend this article for anyone struggling with digestion problems of any kind. The first thing that helped me overcome stomach problems was to quit coffee. I noticed an amazing difference when I totally quit drinking coffee.


Digestive Health – All Disease Begins in the Gut.


16 thoughts on “Digestive Health – All Disease Begins in the Gut

    • Yes, it did! I think you have looked after your body much better than I have Sue. I have to play some catch up after years of abuse. I know exercise plays a huge role too. That keeps everything moving much better than if you’re a couch potato, eh? Have a great night. Thanks for commenting!

    • Indeed you are blessed. Probably it has more to do with the fact that you have eaten the right things and prevented any digestion issues. It was hard to kick the coffee at first, but I don’t miss it now. Thanks for your comment Tammy!

    • Many people say a cup a day isn’t bad. Might even be good for you, but for me, my stomach can’t tolerate it. Everyone’s body is different. Enjoy your coffee. If it doesn’t bother you then it’s not an issue. Cheers! Thanks for your input.

  1. Ha! As I am brewing another pot right now…thank you for the reminder to get to the place that sells my favorite green tea I would otherwise be chain-drinking….Be well, Kalisha

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