Anti Americanism Gripe

We’ve never had this happen before. The hatred for America is scary. They want what they don’t have and hate those who have it.

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My wife and I are Canadian citizens living in South Korea and we have been in this country since October of 2001. Last Sunday, we were walking through a traditional market place, quietly minding our own business and enjoying the sights and sounds. I am well-known to the market place people because I ride my bike through there very often and make a lot of purchases. My favourite summer shirt is an American League baseball shirt commemorating the win of the Toronto Blue Jays over the Oakland A’s in 1992. I was wearing this shirt, on our Sunday walk when suddenly, behind me, I heard a loud angry voice:


I ignored it and kept walking


I ignored in and kept walking.


I had recognized the Russian-accented English and though I should not have bothered, the Irish in me steamed up and I turned around to…

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3 thoughts on “Anti Americanism Gripe

    • Hi Sue,
      It’s definitely not a common occurrence which I’m very thankful for. It was a little strange as we had just talked about the issue of anti-Americanism which was quite prevalent a few years back. Korea has a bit of a love/hate relationship with the states, but this was not a Korean expressing it, so we were pretty shaken by it.

      • I can imagine you were shaken. Scary even just reading about it. Hopefully an isolated incident that you never have to experience again.

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