9 thoughts on “[GUEST COLUMN] Korean Men in Makeup

  1. It always surprises me if a male Korean actor doesn’t have his eyebrows waxed, but have ’em all grown out bushy, like a regular dude. Aye, these men who wear makeup. Dunno what to say, but sigh. Especially for those who take more than an hour to get ready to go anywhere (an hour being the makeup time). Thanks for sharin’ this interestin’ post, Rosh.

    • Yep, I find it pretty strange. It seems the more feminine the guys are the more the young girls like it. They think they’re cute. Go figure. I dunno. This generation is definitely different from former ones!

      • What’s funny about me is that when I see a buff guy, I often say, “I wish I had that guy’s arms”. While Korean men are getting chickier, I on the other hand, am gettin’ dude-ier. Hahaha!

  2. Oh! You’ve changed your theme! Nice! I love theme-changing. It’s like painting one’s room, I think. Ya know, I’ve been thinking of this post after having read it and was reminded of a segment on a Korean TV show where a guy has an obsession with buying skincare galore. The problem wasn’t really his great collection, but the cost of them – cuz it’s his Mom who helps him to buy them. If I ever find or come across that show’s segment again, I’ll be sure to share it widcha, Rosh.

    • Hey! Thanks for visiting and noticing the theme change. I wanted to have my About page more available and the Ryu page hides all the widgets etc., so I changed it. Yes, it’s fun to play around with it and there are so many themes. That’s funny you saw a Korean guy with an obsession for skincare. I can totally see it. Thanks for thinking about me! Hope you have a super duper day!

  3. Very enlightening! I think this generation is much too into pretty and defying age. Healthy habits like moisturizing and applying sunblock is helpful to prevent breaks in the skin and skin cancer. Makeup…not so much. Men, especially, have long been noted for aging well. Staying natural, I think is sexy and manly. Men age better than women. Why should they cover up all that great character?

    • I totally agree. Korea is very youth oriented. Even though they respect their elders, they really don’t want to be one of them. It’s the plastic surgery capital of the world and makeup is second to that. Why men want to have a feminine look is a little mystifying to me, and the only thing I can come up with is that it’s a sign of our times! I agree, natural aging can be very beautiful. I like au naturel 😉 Thanks for your comments. It’s great to hear from you!

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