Promises to Myself

Here’s a good reminder on how to look at life from Arlene at Dreams and Escapes. It’s all in the attitude and our perspective.


I found this gem of a book while my daughter and I were ‘spring cleaning”. We no longer have enough space for books so we sorted some reading materials which we could donate to some school children who until now don’t have access to the internet. There is a whole set of Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia (1997) edition which I want to give to the barangay school in our place. It might be a little bit outdated but they could still use it as reference. There is no internet connection in the barangay school there, much less a computer where they could do some research. M daughter segregated some of her books and wants to donate them as well.

While we were sorting the pile, I finally found this book entitled Promises to Myself, a slim volume published by Blue Mountain Arts. It’s a collection of inspirational thoughts and…

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