Korean Apartments

We live in Mangmi dong, Suyong-gu, Busan City, South Korea. Our apartment is situated on the Suyong River and when we look south out the window we can see the Pacific Ocean. Recently a new apartment complex is being built near ours. It’s called the Centum River SK View Apartments. A viewing center is set up across from our apartment and we took a few pictures to give you a look at the newest apartments being built in Korea.


Now for a review of the places we’ve lived since being here. First stop was Chung-li, Masan, South Korea:


Then we had a stint in Busan, Korea in 2003. We attended a Korean course and stayed in the Romance Motel. We lived here for 4 months. Yikes! No cooking facilities. Actually the people who owned this motel became like our older brother and sister (Oh Ba, Noona). We had another 7 months stint here in 2006 and 2 months in 2010.

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In 2005 we moved to Jang yu in Kimhae City. Here’s some pictures from there:


Last but not least is where we’re living now. We lived here for a year in 2007 and then returned in 2010.

Looks a bit different now. There has been a lot of changes around the neighbourhood with the addition of Costco a block away and Centum City across the river. Our home is a little more lived in now too:

There’s a little walk through our apartments in Korea.




22 thoughts on “Korean Apartments

  1. Lovely pictures of your home! Love that big window next to the bed. Must be so cool to wake up to sunlight streaming in the mornings! That’s cool how you had stayed at that motel for quite some time. Although motels are sorta considered shady places to stay in, I myself had stayed in one for about 2 weeks long during my last visit. And boy, did I enjoy myself. It was family run, so I’d often bump into the Mom or grandmother of the family in the hallways and the daughter would be behind the desk with her kids. I’d definitely stay there again. Thanks for sharing your cool Korea livin’!

    • Thanks for your comments! Yes, this apartment has been such a blessing to us. When we first moved in we just couldn’t get over the view, but as time goes on it unfortunately doesn’t stay as exciting. Still we love it though.
      The motel stays are very interesting. I didn’t explain in the post, but the name says it all. This was a ‘love’ hotel with plenty of strange goings on let me tell you, but we felt we were in the right place and developed a close relationship with the owners as well. It was challenging, but we had a lot of laughs staying there too. I must say I’m grateful for the adventures God has led me in! Happy to share them:D

      • I found it cool that you had to eat foods you had to buy cuz there wasn’t a kitchen to cook in that motel, which is often the case. That probably helped for you and your husband to try some of the street foods more than you might’ve if you had had a kitchen, no? Yeah, I know whatcha mean about ’em motels. I’ll have to blog one day about my own lengthy stay in one before. Although they may not be sanitary to use, it’s kinda funny how them motels have toothpaste (not the mini-sized one, but one big ‘ole normal sized one) and skincare to use in the rooms. Icky, but funny.

      • Hahaha so true. They supply those honkin’ big bottles of after shave and hair spray.
        We loved Korean food, so it wasn’t too difficult to get out there and eat it for breakfast. We had some of those great soups and kimbap. Also, while we were there we attended the Busan National University, and it’s really cheap to eat around there.

    • Hi Juliann! I’m so glad you visited and liked the Korean apartments. I love looking at new homes as well. Korea’s apartments are so cute and conveniently built. I’ve enjoyed apartment living here for the most part;-) Hope you have a great day!

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