3 thoughts on “Guest Post – Depression is an affliction of the gifted

  1. I think it’s so hard for people who don’t suffer from clinical depression to truly understand what it’s like. It’s absolutely debilitating. I went through a period of this in my twenties. I almost couldn’t function. In fact, there were days when I couldn’t do more than change the channel on my tv; days when the act of getting my mail from the mailbox seemed too overwhelming. Even now, it’s hard for me to relate to that period in my life, but I remember how completely shut down I felt. I feel blessed to have come out of it. Lucky.

    • I totally agree and I can sympathize with your experience in your twenties. I went through the same thing after I completed my university degree. I was so lonely and felt hopeless. It helped when I became a christian because my identity issues were dealt with…not to say that wasn’t a journey either, but I’ve still struggled with depression all my life. I’m on medication and realize now that I will probably have to be for the rest of my life unless some miraculous healing occurs. For me it’s definitely a biochemical thing. I am encouraged about the GAPs diet though. I feel Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has a lot to offer people who are dealing with psychiatric issues including autism. I’m so glad to hear that you are not in that dark place anymore. You are lucky and blessed for sure! Thank you again for your wonderful, thoughtful comments:-)

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