The Heaviest Rainfall in 100 years – South Korea

Yesterday Busan had the heaviest downpour I’ve ever seen here. Several thunderstorms converged over the south end of the peninsula. Four people lost their lives in Busan and there was a lot of property damage in Masan and Changwon to name a few places. Seoul has been pounded this month as well. Good old el Nino coupled with la Nino are the culprits of this unusual weather I guess. I’ve never seen such a wet August in Busan. Rainy season never ended! Here are some pictures outside of our apartment:

across Suyong River during heavy downpour

across Suyong River during heavy downpour – can’t see much

rain pics (1)

rain let up a bit after

rain pics (2) rain pics (3)

from ABC online news - South Korea flooding

from ABC online news – South Korea flooding


Here’s a copy of the article written with this photo:

Record rainfall, landslides and flooding have killed more than 50 people in South Korea.

Nearly half a metre of rain fell in the capital of Seoul in less than three days, turning main roads into rivers of churning, muddy water.

At least 16 people died in landslides in the south of the city, while a raging river left 18 dead near the capital.

More than 30 bridges and roads in and around Seoul were also closed by the deluge.

Tens of thousands of South Korean soldiers have started a massive clean-up effort after the wild weather, with about 40,000 troops joining thousands of police in the clean-up.

15 thoughts on “The Heaviest Rainfall in 100 years – South Korea

  1. With over 3.6 million people, Busan is South Korea’s second largest city and largest seaport. Busan is known for its beaches, hot springs, nature reserves and events such as the city’s renowned international film festival held each fall. They have heavy rains several time, I enjoyed it!

  2. Oh my goodness! Good to hear you’re alright! And I guess nothing of yours got damaged either? I love storms but not dangerous ones 😦
    (which is a silly thought in retrospect since all storms have some danger to them if you don’t take the proper precautions…)

    • Yes, it was nice to be up in our apartment when this downpour happened. Fortunately nothing of ours was damaged, thank you for asking.The thunder and lightening were really exciting. Some of the thunder made me jump up in the air it was so loud. Fun when it’s over, but as you say not for the ones who have to deal with all the flood damage.

    • I was surprised that there was so much flooding in Busan. I had no idea it was that bad until I saw the news. Yes, we were very happy to be inside yesterday:-)

  3. Eighteen inches of rain in 3 days … unbelievable! That sounds like a 500-year storm, not a 100-year storm. The loss of life is terrible, but honestly, with that much rainfall, I’m surprised it wasn’t worse. Stay dry Rosh. ~James

    • Hi James,
      thanks for your comment and I agree that it is surprising more lives weren’t lost. Everything seems to be pretty much back to normal here now. I’m not sure how they’re fairing where all those cars were floating, but in the city it seems all things are clear.

  4. I saw this story on the news. Yipes, makes me think of the surrounding islands or those areas in India where landslides are prone to occur. How interesting when such heavy rains occur in industrialized countries like Korea and Japan. It’s actually interesting that it is interesting, if ya know what I mean. How often we can take it for granted sometimes in regards to “common” weather, that even fires seem to be the usual occurrence in CA, that folks don’t seem to panic as much anymore about it. Them Koreans (civilian public and public safety personnel) sure did swell in taking care of the flooded areas and especially in rescuing folks out of trapped vehicles and all.

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