Where they sent us

Korean adoptions. I found this site through Pierre Legace’s genealogy blog. Jane’s blog is written by a Korean born woman who was internationally adopted to the US. Her story is so heartbreaking. Children were made orphans legally by the government when they weren’t actually orphans. In some cases their parents were looking for them still.

9 thoughts on “Where they sent us

    • Yes, actually I did some adoption work in Canada and knew of one Korean adoption in our small city. It broke down after a few years. I guess the Korean government thought they were doing the children good when they practically made them new identities in order to get them adopted internationally. And Korean adoptions were looked upon as much less corrupt and more sound legally than international adoptions from other countries.

    • It is quite surprising, isn’t it? The woman who writes this blog is an adoptee from Korea. She has a mind-blowing story to tell about adoptions in Korea. It’s not a pretty story. God help them…………

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