Shin Dong-hyuk’s Odyssey


The story of Shin Dong-hyuk (Danny). He was born in Camp 14. He betrayed his mother and brother because they were planning to escape. He reported them to the guards. He was part of a breeding program in the camp and he was raised by the guards of the camp to snitch on his parents. So Shin gave his mother and brother up for more food! He watched their public execution and felt no guilt because he had been trained to do this. This is a horrifying story of what continues in North Korea.

Kim Jong-Un is about the same age as Shin. Shin is the only one who has escaped Camp 14 and lived to tell about it.


Author of “Escape from Camp 14” Blaine Harden speaks about Shin Dong-hyuk’s life and his escape from a political prison camp in North Korea, where he had lived for the first 23 years of his life.

12 thoughts on “Shin Dong-hyuk’s Odyssey

  1. A very important life story to share with others about the kind of people control that the leadership of North Korea have. Even my own parents hadn’t known about him and were very interested when I had told them about him.

    • This story absolutely blows me out of the water. I simply can’t believe that this stuff is happening on planet earth and right next door to where I live in a wonderful free society. I pray for Danny, please Lord touch his heart and heal him from so much oppression.
      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you found it shed some light on the reality of the DPRK!
      On a lighter note, hope you have a great Sunday!

    • I know what you mean Lorrie. Very true………can’t really like it. I wish it weren’t a true story. Thank you for saying.:-) I pray Danny is healed…….

    • Thank you very much Anita. I’m glad you think I told it well because it’s definitely an important story to tell. I so appreciate your input especially since you have experience in working with the Asian community. Have a great day! Look forward to keeping in touch. 🙂

    • Thank you for reblogging this Beth. I agree that North Korea stands out among many other dictatorships. It seems so archaic to think that people would worship their leader as a god. I pray this country finds freedom.

  2. Rosh, thank you so much for commenting on my simple little bog efforts today. You have opened a whole new world to me. I will be back.

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