a good and sweet year

It’s the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah. God bless this new year:-)

the human picture


Tonight we begin the Jewish new year. It will be the year 5775 according to our calendar. The rabbi of Lubowitzch was once asked by a students, why he blesses each and every one of his followers before the Jewish new year, with the wish for a good and a sweet new year. His reply was that every year is good. That we just have to learn how to appreciate all that we receive. That it is good even if we don’t know how to recognize the good. But that sweetness is a sensory pleasure. And so, his wish is that his friends and students will feel the good and recognize it, as we do when tasting something sweet.

Nechama accompanies me to the park

It is not our custom to shoot fireworks into the sky at the start of a new year. We reflect on what has happened in…

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7 thoughts on “a good and sweet year

    • Me too. I am intrigued with the Jewish calendar. We can celebrate new years several times. The Jewish calendar, the solar calendar and the lunar calendar. It gives us chances to start over more than once. 😉

    • I’m so glad to hear you enjoy what I share Sue. I can’t believe you have time to visit while you’re traveling. Thank you so much for sharing your comments. Your feedback is very appreciated:-)

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