Kimhae City, Korea – the Gaya Kingdom

Kimhae City is the ancient region of the Gaya Kingdom. It is located west of Busan City in South Korea.

Gaya kingdom began in 42 A.D. when King Sooro was born near present day Kimhae. According to tradition six eggs were dropped from heaven and were to become six kings. The area named Goo Ji Bong in Kimhae City is the birthplace of King Sooro. The story says that this area is where the 500 year history of the Gaya Kingdom was born. It is also the birthplace of Goo Ji Ga, the poetry from that time era in Korea’s literary traditions. King Sooro is named as the father of all the Kims of Kimhae City.

Goo Ji Bong

Plaque in Kimhae describing Goo Ji Bong area as the birthplace of King Sooru. He founded the Karak nation and became the father of all the Kims originating from Kimhae.

As I mentioned in my post on the Shilla Dynasty,  Shilla Dynasty overtook Gaya Kingdom in 562 AD.

Map of Gaya from Wikipedia site

Map of Gaya from Wikipedia site

The Kimhae Museum has an excellent display of many artifacts and history of Gaya. The people of Gaya Kingdom were well known for their iron working skill. They traded their iron works with Japan and other East Asian countries. The video shown below gives a very interesting summary of Gaya’s history.



Some artifacts from Kimhae Museum:

All photos from Wikipedia


Photos from our visit to the Queen of King Sooro’s tomb and Kimhae Museum.

27 thoughts on “Kimhae City, Korea – the Gaya Kingdom

    • I love the Korean traditional stories. They have vivid imaginations I think. Eggs produce babies, so it makes sense;-)
      I enjoyed these artifacts too. It gives a real appreciation for the times and culture. I’d like to visit that museum again. The exhibits were very well done.

  1. My 7-yr-old tapped the like. He wanted to watch the vid. I didn’t know Korea was in the vanguard in iron-making among the Asian countries. I know so little Korean history. Thank you for the instructive post.

    • Yes, it seems Korean history is not well known by most. I had no idea either they played such a huge role in trade during the iron age. It’s fun discovering new stuff about Korea. Thanks for your comment:-)

    • It is a mind blower alright, but he is only the father of the Kimhae Kim’s if that means anything. I guess there are Kim’s from other areas like Kyung-ju, but that’s not taking away from the amazingness of his contribution to the population of Korea!!

  2. I am about to visit South Korea in a couple of months so very interesting to read you posts. Very different culture than here in Canada (and Europe where I am from) so looking forward to learning more!

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