Filling in the GAPs

The father of modern psychiatry French psychiatrist Phillipe Pinel (1745-1828), after working with mental patients for many years, concluded in 1807: “The primary seat of insanity generally is in the region of the stomach and intestines.”

-Natasha Campbell-McBride MC, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (nutrition) – GAPS Gut and Psychology Syndrome

8 thoughts on “Filling in the GAPs

  1. Never realised I should have gone to a gastoenterologist instead of a psych for a diagnosis. Perhaps Pinel was confusing correlation with causation? Scary thay they call such quackery “modern psychiatry”!

    • Hi Glenn,
      the point that’s being made in this book is the idea of our bodies being a system and that each part of our body impacts on the other: the stomach being of primary importance!
      I guess Pinel was doing pretty well for the 1700s šŸ™‚
      Here’s to our good mental health! Cheers!!

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