North Korea – No Freedom of Movement

No Freedom of Movement

It is illegal for the North Korean people to leave their country without the regime’s permission, and the regime attempts to restrict the people’s movement even inside their own country. If you wish to travel to another part of the country, you are supposed to have a specific purpose and obtain permission from your work unit. If you do not live in Pyongyang, the showcase capital where most resources are concentrated, you will likely be denied access. The regime has also forcibly relocated hundreds of thousands of North Koreans to less favorable parts of the country as a form of punishment and political persecution.

from the Liberty in North Korea site


14 thoughts on “North Korea – No Freedom of Movement

  1. Darcy no matter how much I read about the hardship that North Koreans face it is hard to truly understand or comprehend how difficult living there must be. I think particularly for me who hops on planes here and there without a thought about what a privilege it is.

  2. Rosh,

    How did you come to focus on this particular country? Are you there or have you been there? I have friends who have travelled to South Korea and that place is also somewhat restricted.

    • We lived in south Korea for ten years. I’m not aware of any restrictions of movement there. I focused on North Korea because it’s one of the last countries on the this earth that still functions in such oppression. I hope someday they will be set free like their neighbours have been. 🙂

      • I am sorry for my ignorance, but the only way to learn is to ask. Even in “free” nations, there may still be restrictions, which are hard to understand. As long as the restrictions do not include private practice of faith, we can endure.

      • Hi Beth,
        that’s right exactly. One has to ask those questions. Sorry if I made you feel like you shouldn’t have asked. I felt really free in South Korea and was very thankful for that. Freedom of religious practice is definitely very important. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts on this post. Have a great evening!


  3. I cherish and fight for the freedom we have here in America. I want comment my thoughts on folks that don’t know how good they have it here in America. Praying for these people.

    Much love Tom

    • Thanks Tom!! I agree with you that freedom has been hard fought and should be cherished and not taken for granted. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this!!

      Bless you,

  4. I agree with your post it was obe of the difficulty i had living there and it can be frustrating worst for foreigners is we always have handlers all the time 😦

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