Real Neat Blog Award


Jessica Edouard at Send Sunshine has nominated Rose of Sharon blog for this award. Thank you to Jessica and I apologize for not getting this post done sooner. I can’t participate fully at this time, but I really appreciate Jessica thinking of me. She’s my sunshine many times. I love seeing her sunflowers and encouraging posts on my WordPress reader. Instantly cheers me up.

My answers for Jessica:

1. One of my greatest pet peeves is that once I hit 50 years of age I realized I was never going to be able to eat and drink whatever I wanted anymore.

2. I get my daily sunshine from the Son. He shines his light through me and I thank Him for my life.

3. I’d love to see Bryan Adams in concert.

4. I think I tend to be a bit hands off. I like to let things unfold as they should with the least interference from me. I learn from listening. I’m a listener/thinker.

5. I love to sing and dance, but I’d rather dance if I couldn’t do both.

6. The best moment of my life would have to be meeting Jesus because without Him I wouldn’t be here. He is the creator of all things and through Him this whole world stays together. He is the source of my life.

7. I like animals, but I don’t care if I have a pet or not. I enjoy them when they’re around, but I think I prefer cats. They don’t need too much attention and they are cute.

That’s it for now folks!

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