Filling in the GAPS – Opportunistic Flora

The usual broad spectrum antibiotics kill a lot of different microbes in the body – the bad and the good. But they have no effect on Candida. So, after every course of antibiotics Candida is left without anything to control it, so it grows and thrives. At the dawn of the antibiotic era the medical profession recognised this phenomenon, so it used to prescribe Nystatin (an anti-candida antibiotic) every time a broad-spectrum antibiotic was administered. However, for whatever reason, doctors stopped this practice decades ago, and now we are paying the price for it – candida infection has become extremely common. Apart from antibiotics, another factor in our modern world plays a major role in Candida overgroth – our diet. Candida flourishes on sugar and processed carbohydrates and these are the foods which nowadays dominate our Western eating habits.

Some opportunists, listed above, when out of control, get through the gut wall barrier into the lymph and bloodstream and cause problems in various organs in the body. Bur of course, the first place to suffer will be the digestive system.

Certain opportunists, when not controlled by good bacteria, get access to the gut wall and damage its integrity, making it “leaky”. For example, microbiologist have observed how common opportunistic gut bacteria from the families Spirochaetaceae and Spirillaceae have an ability, due to their spiral shape, to push apart intestinal cells, breaking down the integrity of the intestinal wall and allowing through substances which normally should not get through. Candida albicans has this ability as well. Its cells attach themselves to the gut lining, literally putting ‘roots’ through it and making it ‘leaky’. Partially digested foods get through this leaky gut wall into the blood stream, where the immune system recognises them as foreign and attacks them. This is how food allergies or intolerances develop.

GAPS – Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBride  (p. 42, 43)

6 thoughts on “Filling in the GAPS – Opportunistic Flora

  1. I do my best to watch the medicines doctors prescribe to me. Antibodies is a drug that is bitter sweet to much bad, not enough bad. I liked this post..Hope all is well in Korea with the teaching.

    joy to you

  2. I am laughing my butt off here. Carolyn just informed me that Candida is a yeast infection. I suppose I could get one. I just jumped off in the topic. Embarrassed now blushing. Go figure men. Lol


    • Hi Tom,
      How have you been? I’ve been away from the blogging world for a while and finally looking at some of your comments. You were laughing about the Candida misunderstanding. That was so cute. Candida is a funny name for a yeast infection, isn’t it? Well, we all need a laugh in our day. Hope you and your family are well! Blessings,

      • Now you’re not suppose to laugh at me. Remember I am just a man add Carolyn would say. I know Carolyn hah a great laugh also. In school all I ever thought about was fishing. Glad I brought a smile to your face way over there. We only had Mars stations back in the day. No Internet or face time. Sure would have been grand.

        Mercy and peace

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