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Here’s a great idea!



I found this small kitchen gadget while shopping for Christmas presents in my local Target store. I picked it up, took a look, and immediately decided this was a present for myself. I use fresh herbs weekly, if not daily, in my cooking. I grow them on my kitchen windowsill in the Winter, in the outdoor kitchen/herb garden in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. One problem I have, especially with the smaller leafed herbs, is removing the foliage from the stem without driving myself batty. When I cook up soups/stews the stem is fine for adding to the broth, it can easily be removed when the stewing is complete, but I don’t want to have pieces of stem in salad dressings and other non-cooked foods. This small gadget perfectly strips leaves away from the stem and drops them in the bowl of the spoon, or as in the case of the…

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Black Cumin Seed Oil – Skin and Health Benefits – Why you should be using this oil

Black Cumin Seed oil – anti-bacterial, anti-aging, anti-microbial,anti-inflammatory.



Natural Frugal: Raising 6 kids

Skin & Health Benefits

Black Seed Oil

Where to buy & uses of Black Cumin Seed Oil

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I know I talk about coconut oil for health a lot & I do talk about other great oils like olive oil, sesame oilPalm Shortening & Palm oil etc. But I do love Black Cumin Seed Oil or Black seed oil as many call it & I do recommend it when a question that arises with it as the answer. Somehow I have written this many blog post & not done a post on one of my favorite oils, Black Cumin Seed Oil, so today I am correcting that & telling you about this amazing oil for skin & health you just might not know about, so sit down, get a1comfortable & enjoy!

Now through August 14th 2014 you can purchase high quality Black seed oil from Tropical Traditions for 30% off…

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Oregano by Arlene at Gardens and Empty Spaces in the Philippines.

Gardens and Empty Spaces

I am thinking of re-planting the row of oregano we have in our small garden. Some of the branches have grown so tall and they need to be trimmed before the rainy months set in for good. They are mixed with a few bulbs of caladium. The latter are now beginning to show new shoots. This is the best time for these caladium plants to be cultivated in areas where there is morning sun. I like them interspersed with the oregano though, they make an interesting sight, pure golden shade of green and the pinkish and white hue of the caladium.

Oregano wine, oregano juice, oregano tea, oregano vinegar. These are the potential products that can be derived from the Philippine oregano. Coleus Aromaticus is the common variety which is usually found in the Philippines. It is not commonly used in cooking but it is considered as a primary medicinal…

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Well Preserved

Fermented foods are highly nutritious. Great recipe for kimchi in this post. Thanks to Agrigirl for it!

Agrigirl's Blog

What is old can sometimes make a better new. Of course, that is my own philosophy demonstrated by the dress that I recently wore to the Black and White ball but it was also the conclusion of a fascinating article Older, Better, Smaller produced by the Preservation Green Lab of National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Preservation in the Kitchen Preservation in the Kitchen

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Cannabis, Weed, Herb, Marijuana, Mary Jane, Pot: friend or foe




It’s an amazing plant.






Dr. Sanjay Gupta has done some excellent documentaries on the use of marijuana. He was honest enough to change his mind after, at first, being against it for medicinal purposes.



Why are we so afraid of this plant? God gave us herbs and every seed-bearing plant for food. Cannabis is totally natural: a green plant. Yet the medical community wants to instill fear in the public about it. Children are being healed of seizures with it, but they can’t get it because the law prohibits the sale of it. That’s really sad and stupid.



How many prescription drug overdoses kill people every year? I haven’t ever heard of anyone overdosing on Marijuana.  Come on people now. How many millions of dollars do we spend trying to deal with the drug problem? It’s more dangerous trying to catch the criminals selling it than  taking the drug. It’s the leftovers of the women’s temperance movement that keeps the stigma on drug use.


If they legalized drug use and put all of their law enforcement budget into drug rehabilitation, wouldn’t that make more sense? If an adult person chooses to take a substance why should anyone have a say about it other than that individual? Why should the government have control over what a person puts into their body? People will use the drug whether it’s illegal or not. It makes me so angry that the medical community is allowed to give drugs which have terrible side-effects and even kill people, but when a natural remedy is available the message is always ‘oh no, we need to do more research on this, it could be harmful’.



Bob Marley said herb can heal a nation.



I know several people who say they smoke a joint rather than drink alcohol because they get too angry when they drink where marijuana mellows them out. Good. It always just made me want to sleep. I don’t advocate smoking and I don’t smoke pot myself anymore, but I think people should be allowed to choose what they do with their bodies. The government should educate and give treatment for people who want help with substance abuse, but the choice to take or not should be up to the individual. What about cigarette smoking? It’s a terrible habit  that causes lung cancer. They’re not outlawing that. What about alcohol? It causes health problems too if not taken in moderation.

What do you think? Shouldn’t all recreational drugs be legalized with government oversight as is done with cigarettes and alcohol?





Uses for Marijuana