떡꼬치 TTeokkochi (Spicy Fried Korean Rice Cake Sticks)

Another one of Korea’s favorite snack foods. Spicy ‘rice cake’.



One of the most exciting activities in the Korean exchange program is the cooking activity. I feel so excited to learn how to cook Korean foods and enjoy them to the utmost. The first food we cooked together was 떡꼬치 TTeokkochi (Spicy Fried Korean Rice Cake Sticks).

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Goma Kimbap (꼬마 김밥)

One of Korea’s most convenient foods is kim bap, which literally means seaweed wrapped rice. There are many types, but my favorite, apparently most liked by foreigners, is the Nude Kimbap. It’s wrapped with the rice outside, so it has rice instead of seaweed on the outside. Yum! Mainstay ingredients are yellow pickled radish, ham, carrot, egg and sometimes spinach. I like tuna kimbap too. It’s all good:-)



Goma Kimbap or mini Kimbap (꼬마 김밥) is one of the favourite foods for the lunchbox or picnic.  Kimbap is Korean rice wrapped in seaweed and Goma(꼬마) means kiddie or mini, so Goma Kimbaps are very small rice rolls wrapped in seaweeds.

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