Suyong River, Busan, South Korea

A few shots of the river from the walking path near our apartment. These were taken in 2007. There’s been so much development since then. I’ll have to do another post on before and current pictures of this area.

At the Polar Bear Plunge with a Dry Polar Bear

Crazy Canadians. Polar bear swim in Calgary last year. Next year, Sue at Travel Tales of Life will take a dip for this worthy cause. The group that organizes this event is Servants Anonymous Foundation; an organization fighting human trafficking and exploitation. Great job Dave and Sue for your volunteerism!

Travel Tales of Life

IMG_3212The polar bear refused to jump in.

Elvis, Superwoman, Captain Canada and Tuxedo Man all leapt into the frigid water to raise money for Servants Anonymous Foundation; an organization fighting human trafficking and exploitation.  The bear could not be convinced no matter how great the cause.


In Canada polar dips or plunges have become common on New Years day. Perhaps a growing health care trend in checking heart function for the upcoming year…. if you don’t have a cardiac arrest on the spot you are clear for the next 365 days.

Such polar dips here often are associated with a charitable cause. Hubby and I were there volunteering for this one; I signing up the dipsters, he pulling them out of the freezing pond.

See below my traditional Canadian winter uniform. Besides wearing my sleeping bag everywhere I go I am sporting heated boots with rechargeable batteries. My family…

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Korean Apartments

We live in Mangmi dong, Suyong-gu, Busan City, South Korea. Our apartment is situated on the Suyong River and when we look south out the window we can see the Pacific Ocean. Recently a new apartment complex is being built near ours. It’s called the Centum River SK View Apartments. A viewing center is set up across from our apartment and we took a few pictures to give you a look at the newest apartments being built in Korea.


Now for a review of the places we’ve lived since being here. First stop was Chung-li, Masan, South Korea:


Then we had a stint in Busan, Korea in 2003. We attended a Korean course and stayed in the Romance Motel. We lived here for 4 months. Yikes! No cooking facilities. Actually the people who owned this motel became like our older brother and sister (Oh Ba, Noona). We had another 7 months stint here in 2006 and 2 months in 2010.

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In 2005 we moved to Jang yu in Kimhae City. Here’s some pictures from there:


Last but not least is where we’re living now. We lived here for a year in 2007 and then returned in 2010.

Looks a bit different now. There has been a lot of changes around the neighbourhood with the addition of Costco a block away and Centum City across the river. Our home is a little more lived in now too:

There’s a little walk through our apartments in Korea.



Laugh Your Way to a Successful Marriage – Advice From The Oddballs

Some great advice:-)

Travel Tales of Life

Sue&Dave 1

Laughing is one of the things Hubby and I do best. We really are two oddballs on life’s adventurous path. The photos have been selfies or taken in photo booths or by family, friends and hesitant strangers. Having good health and the ability to explore this world leaves us filled with gratitude. Small mishaps and inconveniences we have found are best dealt with by large doses of laughter.

Sue and Dave St Lucia See I am way stronger than he is.

IMG_0870 Avoiding paying extra luggage fees by wearing our helmets on a Ryan Airlines flight

Venice Wish you were here in Venice.

St Lucia Hamming it up and boiling on the beach in St Lucia.

Misbehaving in Japanese Restaurant I believe we were kicked out of the Japanese restaurant right after this photo.

Since I began this blogging journey I have been fortunate to receive mentoring by many in the community. Cee has a lovely photography blog and has been assisting me…

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Hunting in darkness – first sunshine

Here’s a story from the far north that will warm your heart 🙂

Outside Ittoqqortoormiit

Last week, we camped once again at the Ice Edge at Amdrup Havn.

Ingkasi shot 2 seals while it was getting dark. A small one, good people-food and a big one, good dog-food!


Our dogs were very excited at feeding time, because it had been a while ago since they had tasted fresh seal meat.

I went for a short walk to visit the folks at the boat “Argelvor” that evening, while Ingkasi was staying back at camp. When I finally returned and went to lay down in my sleeping bag, I was unable to fall asleep. I knew there was the possibility of a Polar Bear visit at our campsite. It smelled of fresh seal blood, meat and  blubber, and what kind of Polar Bear could possibly resist the temptation of a free meal?

But of course, who knew if there was a bear in the area??

Polar Bears are protected by Greenlandic Law. A small amount of bears are shot by local full-time hunters…

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