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Body-Image, the Dreaded Mirror, and Self-Esteem, Part 1

Are there any women out there who don’t struggle with this?

Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror

For our Youth Group at a church where Ashley served when we were first married, we had a wonderful couple, Dick and Carole, who helped us lead the group and were extraordinary advisors and planners. One evening they gave each of the participants a quiz that consisted of the following: How much of each day are the following people or conditions responsible for how you feel about yourself, others, or your circumstances? a) – your parents and siblings; b) – your teachers; c) – your friends; d) – the weather; e) – the mirror; f) – the opinions of other people. I believe there were other conditions on the list, but they all were pretty much along the same line. This quiz was aimed at Sr. High Youth, ages 15 – 18. They were handed a piece of paper on which a chart with boxes was drawn out for each…

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It’s all about the children

1/4 of the children in North Korea are chronically malnourished.

children in north korea


This is the cover from a book written by a young person who escaped North Korea through China. See the link below to read a review of the book.




But make no mistake, it’s not because they can’t grow enough food. It’s because their government uses all their resources to fund their nuclear weapons program and continue the farce they want to make the people believe is their salvation. So they keep tight restrictions on every move the people make, which brings everything needed for growth to a grinding halt. And what do we see in the news about North Korea? Missiles are being launched and negotiations are deadlocked. Meanwhile the people of the country languish. Oh there’s a heck of a lot of aid going in there, but very little of it gets to the people. It pretty much all stops in Pyongyang. First to the biggest pig at the trough, then to the next biggest being the army, and then, a small trickle goes to the rest of the peons who live in the capital where they can feed off whatever scraps fall from the table. As for the rest of them, they fend for themselves the best way they can.

From the website for LINK Liberty in North Korea







The PEOPLE are breaking away from the control of the regime
& are transforming their society from the bottom up.


I can’t say it any better than the people at LiNK:

Since the collapse of the state economy in the 1990s, unofficial markets have not only enabled the North Korean people to make a living but also provided the people with goods that were outside the government’s control, including new technologies such as DVDs, USBs, laptops and cellphones. These new ideas provided the people with new perspectives and possibilities. The people are not as isolated as they once were, and they are gaining physical and psychological independence from the regime.



North Korean refugees send an estimated $10-15 MILLION back home every year.


These grassroots changes being driven by the North Korean PEOPLE are irreversible, long-term, & are leading to a transformation of North Korea.


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