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Laugh Your Way to a Successful Marriage – Advice From The Oddballs

Some great advice:-)

Travel Tales of Life

Sue&Dave 1

Laughing is one of the things Hubby and I do best. We really are two oddballs on life’s adventurous path. The photos have been selfies or taken in photo booths or by family, friends and hesitant strangers. Having good health and the ability to explore this world leaves us filled with gratitude. Small mishaps and inconveniences we have found are best dealt with by large doses of laughter.

Sue and Dave St Lucia See I am way stronger than he is.

IMG_0870 Avoiding paying extra luggage fees by wearing our helmets on a Ryan Airlines flight

Venice Wish you were here in Venice.

St Lucia Hamming it up and boiling on the beach in St Lucia.

Misbehaving in Japanese Restaurant I believe we were kicked out of the Japanese restaurant right after this photo.

Since I began this blogging journey I have been fortunate to receive mentoring by many in the community. Cee has a lovely photography blog and has been assisting me…

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