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Hunting in darkness – first sunshine

Here’s a story from the far north that will warm your heart 🙂

Outside Ittoqqortoormiit

Last week, we camped once again at the Ice Edge at Amdrup Havn.

Ingkasi shot 2 seals while it was getting dark. A small one, good people-food and a big one, good dog-food!


Our dogs were very excited at feeding time, because it had been a while ago since they had tasted fresh seal meat.

I went for a short walk to visit the folks at the boat “Argelvor” that evening, while Ingkasi was staying back at camp. When I finally returned and went to lay down in my sleeping bag, I was unable to fall asleep. I knew there was the possibility of a Polar Bear visit at our campsite. It smelled of fresh seal blood, meat and  blubber, and what kind of Polar Bear could possibly resist the temptation of a free meal?

But of course, who knew if there was a bear in the area??

Polar Bears are protected by Greenlandic Law. A small amount of bears are shot by local full-time hunters…

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