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Korean Apartments

We live in Mangmi dong, Suyong-gu, Busan City, South Korea. Our apartment is situated on the Suyong River and when we look south out the window we can see the Pacific Ocean. Recently a new apartment complex is being built near ours. It’s called the Centum River SK View Apartments. A viewing center is set up across from our apartment and we took a few pictures to give you a look at the newest apartments being built in Korea.


Now for a review of the places we’ve lived since being here. First stop was Chung-li, Masan, South Korea:


Then we had a stint in Busan, Korea in 2003. We attended a Korean course and stayed in the Romance Motel. We lived here for 4 months. Yikes! No cooking facilities. Actually the people who owned this motel became like our older brother and sister (Oh Ba, Noona). We had another 7 months stint here in 2006 and 2 months in 2010.

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In 2005 we moved to Jang yu in Kimhae City. Here’s some pictures from there:


Last but not least is where we’re living now. We lived here for a year in 2007 and then returned in 2010.

Looks a bit different now. There has been a lot of changes around the neighbourhood with the addition of Costco a block away and Centum City across the river. Our home is a little more lived in now too:

There’s a little walk through our apartments in Korea.



Bicycle Law in Korea

Some interesting information about cycling in Korea.



I recently read in the news that a total of 126 people died (2009-2012) as a result of bicycle-related traffic accidents just in Seoul, Korea. There were almost 12,000 bicycle-related accidents in that period. Indeed, the number of cyclists in Korea has steadily increased in the last few years. There is even a slang term, “자출족” which refers to people who commute to and from work by bicycle. “자출족” stands for “자전거로 출퇴근하는 사람들.”

I. Let’s Define “Bicycle” (자전거)


In Korea, there are two special laws that regulate bicycles and bicycle use. One is the Road Traffic Act (도로교통법), and the other is the Promotion of the Use of Bicycles Act (자전거이용활성화에관한법률). According to the latter, a “bicycle” (자전거) is defined as:

1) “a vehicle with two or more wheels” +

2) “and a driving device operated by human-powered pedals or hand pedals, a steering system, and a brake system” +

3) “which is of a size and structure as specified the…

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Anti Americanism Gripe

We’ve never had this happen before. The hatred for America is scary. They want what they don’t have and hate those who have it.

Likes Gripes Stars and Stripes

My wife and I are Canadian citizens living in South Korea and we have been in this country since October of 2001. Last Sunday, we were walking through a traditional market place, quietly minding our own business and enjoying the sights and sounds. I am well-known to the market place people because I ride my bike through there very often and make a lot of purchases. My favourite summer shirt is an American League baseball shirt commemorating the win of the Toronto Blue Jays over the Oakland A’s in 1992. I was wearing this shirt, on our Sunday walk when suddenly, behind me, I heard a loud angry voice:


I ignored it and kept walking


I ignored in and kept walking.


I had recognized the Russian-accented English and though I should not have bothered, the Irish in me steamed up and I turned around to…

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