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A DIY life: Rose of Sharon / Hibiscus – Heres to your health

This is a great article on the Rose of Sharon. It’s actually of the Hibiscus family not the Rose family, and it has many healing qualities.

Natural Frugal: Raising 6 kids

A Rose by any other name might be a “Rose of Sharon

OK that’s just a play on words because a Rose of Sharon is really in the Hibiscus family & not the rose family. Because the Rose of Sharon is in the Hibiscus family itrose of sharon Collage also has the same healing benefits, nutritional benefits & health benefits as any other Hibiscus flower & plant. Rose of Sharon being the common name & Hibiscus syriacus being the scientific name.

So a Hibiscus by any other name might be a “Rose of Sharon”

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Do you have a Hibiscus or Rose of Sharon bush or 2 or 10 in your yard? Did you know these plants have great health benefits? And did you know they are easily preserved & prepared & have great uses fresh as well?

Rose of Sharon’s come in bright vibrant colors &…

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