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Adoption thought of the day

A wonderful site from a young woman born in Busan, South Korea whose story is about international adoption and searching for identity.

Being Em | From Busan to America

The priority is not to find the perfect child for an adoptive family. There is no catalog; we are not Sears. The ultimate goal should always be to find the best fit for the child who is in need. Child first. Do you know why? Because they are the most vulnerable party in any adoption and they are not able to advocate for their short-term needs, let alone their entire lifetime needs.

I hope this rhetoric dies, “He/she is so lucky to have you both as parents! You rescued him/her from such a terrible life.” One of my absolute favorite women who happens to be an adoptive mother of a transnational and transracial daughter told me once how she always responded to that kind of garbage, “No. We are the lucky ones. We’re lucky that we get to be her parents.”

She recognizes the foundational belief that her daughter does…

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Where they sent us

Korean adoptions. I found this site through Pierre Legace’s genealogy blog. Jane’s blog is written by a Korean born woman who was internationally adopted to the US. Her story is so heartbreaking. Children were made orphans legally by the government when they weren’t actually orphans. In some cases their parents were looking for them still.

Another Tragedy: Sugar



Sugar infographic

Sugar and diabetes

Sugar is a wonderful thing as long as it’s used properly. Kind of like guns I guess. When used the right way they can be used for good, but if used improperly they can cause horrific damage. We in North America have used it as a weapon against our health. Watching Modern Marvels on History Channel proves it. Their top ten countdown for favorite foods of the US is rather frightening. A lot of the foods on the countdown shouldn’t even be called that. Here’s an excerpt from an excellent book by Lisa Richards. She describes the history of how we got where we are with our overuse of sugar. (Sorry for the quality of the font on the document.)

candida document 001

What are the Origins of our high sugar diet

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